Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Work Plan

Work Package 1 (WP1): User Research (3 weeks)

Investigate the user context, including mobile phone and library use. Gain provisional feedback on potential interaction designs.

Work Package 2: Prototyping (3 weeks)

We create one or more prototypes (WP2.1) and get initial feedback from initial trials with users.

Work Package 3: Development (7 weeks)

The most viable design of WP2 will be implemented. This will be an enhanced prototype, capable of realistic user testing in situ or at City's Interaction Laboratory.
We anticipate that the primary technology form used will be a ‘Webapp’ as this both minimises development costs, and provides support for the use of the widest range of devices.

Work Package 4: Evaluation (4 weeks)

Final coding and testing leading to the final app, followed by installation and both observational and over-the-shoulder studies of the system in use.

Work Package 5: Documentation and Dissemination (ongoing)

At the end of each of WP1-4, the documentation of the user needs, outcomes of design work, and technical outputs (e.g. program code) will be prepared for dissemination by Buchanan.

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