Friday, June 29, 2012


Failure to appoint RASevere (5)Very Low (1)5Ensure appointment is well publicised internally and externally; identify appointable candidates in person (City has many graduates with relevant experience); the Centre for HCI Design has several current part-time staff who are likely to be available
Failure to recruit participantsBad (4)Low (2)8Use established interaction laboratory user panel if required; give participants £15 compensation.
Data LossBad (4)Low (2)8Use Subversion server for continuous version control and backup on RAID server; Regular backup schedule to external storage.
Changing Software/Hardware IssueModerate (3)High (4)12Ensure compliance with official APIs, avoid use of APIs under known threat of change or redundancy.
Failure of Interactive DisplayBad (4)Low (2)8
Two interactive displays of a compatible model are owned by the Centre for HCI Design; one could be substituted while the display is repaired

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