Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The MoPED Project

Aims and Objectives

The MoPED (Mobiles and Public Electronic Displays) grant is investigates how to integrate library users' mobile phones with large public electronic displays. Public displays provide high-visibility communication of a library's resources in situ, but traditionally lack any connection with other parts of the IT infrastructure, or with patrons' personal devices.
In MoPED, we are combining personal mobile devices with large displays as a way of promoting access to the library's resources both on- and off- site.

Project Outputs

The specific output will be:
  1. One or more working prototype interfaces for connecting mobile phones to a public electronic display.
  2. The results of user study(ies) on the use of the prototype system(s).
  3. A strategy for the future exploitation of public displays for promoting the use of library resources.

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