Thursday, August 30, 2012

Major Outputs

The main outputs of the MoPED project were:

  • Results of our investigation of the use of smartphone communication features
  • Prototype software for connecting mobile phones to electronic displays
  • Recommendations for future use of mobile phone and electronic display combinations
The major findings included:
  • While 54% of students had a smartphone, 46% still used a traditional mobile device (or 'featurephone')
  • 31% of smartphone users did not possess a personal PC (desktop or laptop)
  • 23% of students lacked broadband access at home
  • Only two students (from 35) had used QR codes more than once
  • 63% had never attempted to use a QR code
...and these figures reflected use by students from technical disciplines.

With our prototype system:
  • 6/10 students discovered a new online resource they were unaware they had access to off-site
  • 8/10 successfully accessed an online database they had not previously logged into
when the online resource had been publicised in modules taken by these students

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